Give Pleasing Aesthetics to Gardens with Stone Accessories

Give Pleasing Aesthetics to Gardens with Stone Accessories

Gardens play an important role in beautifying the visual appearance of any home exterior. The natural beauty of the gardens always allures people, and this is the reason why they prefer to have one around their home. Besides trees, plants and the beautiful, colorful flowers, decorative stone-made accessories also make the aesthetics of the garden exquisite and eye-catching. Wide varieties of accessories are used to decorate a garden, but the accessories made with natural stones, give lively and unique feel to the gardens and landscapes.

Stone Age, one of renowned Indian stone suppliers and exporters, offers different types of garden accessories, made with varieties of natural stones. These stone accessories are offered under landscaping stones, and are categorized as

Planters: Using planters, you can give a dramatic look to garden aesthetics. We offer exclusively designed planters in single pieces, group of two pieces and in a group of 3 pieces. These stone planters are manufactured and supplied in different shapes, designs, sizes and colors.


Solid Steps: Make your home garden or patio artistic and authentic with solid steps offered by us. We provide Blocksteps, Solid Steps, Sandstone Blocksetts and Granite Blocksetts in a single piece of stone. These are available in different sizes and colors.

solid steps

Benches:To provide a comfortable sitting area in the garden, we offer Draco, Ara, Corvus and Bootes styles of stone-made benches. These stone benches also enhance the beauty of the gardens. We offer these benches in different sizes and colors for easy selection, as per the requirement.


Edging: Natural stone edgings are perfect to give an elegant look to home gardens and landscapes. We offer Sandstone Edging and Tumbled Edging in various finishes and sizes.


Coping: You can give a lovely, smart touch and fine finishing to the garden walls with coping stones. These coping stones are also used as protective stone to prevent rainfall penetration. We offer Tumbled Coping, Copings, Wall Copings to cap the natural stone walling. Also, these coping stones are offered in various colors and sizes.


Kerbstones: These are one of a series of stones that form a kerb. To make the aesthetics of your garden more appealing, we offer Curbsone, Gutter Kenbs, Kerbs, Stone Kerbs, Natural Stone Kerbstone, and T1 and T2 Type Kerbstones in different colors and sizes.


Bullnosed Steps: To give traditional as well as contemporary look to the gardens, bullnosed natural stone steps are perfect. We provide Sandstone Steps, Bullnose Steps, Sawn Steps and Natural Steps with bullnosed front. You can either use these steps as simple steps or as swimming pool coping. Also, these steps are calibrated to 50mm thickness for ideal match, and are provided in various finishes and colors.


Walling: You can give an eye pleasing look to the garden walls with our range of Sandstone Walling and Natural Walling Stones. These walling stones perfectly complement Whitchurch and Parish sandstone flags. We provide these walling stones in a wide range of colors and sizes.